Shipping Factory is a family business since 1980 at that time under the name Scheepvaartonderneming Factotum V.O.F . The married couple, J.J. and J.C. Pikaart founded the company with a ship called 'Factotum' of 67 meters long, 7.10 wide and a loading capacity of 730 tons. Loads such as coal, ore, gravel and wheat were transported through Europe.

Factotum: Latin word for jack-of-all-trades

In 1989 the next ship was purchased, an old motorized towing ship. Most people know this as the 'Rine Arch' from the past. Due to the year of construction (1928) and the 3 times larger loading capacity (more than 2000 tons), this vessel was a large step forward. 

By installing two new Caterpillar propulsion engines in 1994 and 1995 and investing in a new wheelhouse with a liftable column (wheelhouse that can go up) the foundations have been laid for a large-scale refurbishment of the ship in 1997. The midship and the bow were replaced by a new and larger medium-sized ship (2600 tons) at shipyard Poppen. This investment enabled the company to get acquainted with container shipping which was allready an explosively growing market. For 5 years the Factotum transported containers from Rotterdam and Antwerp to Leverkusen and Cologne. In 2002 the ship was sold and a new challenge followed ....


In 2003 a completely new Factotum was put into service. With a length of 135 meters, a width of 14.20 m and a loading capacity of almost 6000 tonnes this ship was at that time one of the largest vessels in inland navigation. The hull was built in China and was transported to the Netherlands. The ship was completed in Dordrecht and equipped with Caterpillar propulsion engines (2 X 1520 hp). With this Factotum the company transports containers from the seaports in the Netherlands and Belgium to Germany.


In 2005, the management of the Shipping Company Factotum V.O.F. extended. Son Remco Pikaart became a shareholder with the intention of  company take over as a clear goal. This has led to the fleet being expanded to 2 ships in 2006. "Because of the continuous growth of container transport in inland shipping and our business relations were searching for capacity, we had to act quickly" was said by Remco Pikaart. In the very short term the company experienced considerable growth and change at the time. Among other things, by purchasing an simular ship with the same capacity and possibilities called Saluté.

Saluté: This name comes from one of the forefathers of the family and means: greetings and cheers in different languages


The year 2006 was the end of Scheepvaart Onderneming Factotum V.O.F. and the start of Shipping Factory.
The year 2007 was a successful year for the Saluté and the Factotum in containertransport from Rotterdam to the Ruhr area, Düsseldorf and Cologne. The company invested again in a new construction...

In November 2008 the 3rd ship, the Factofour, was taken into service with a loading capacity of around 500 teu and more than 6400 tons. The Factofour operated for a very short period in the dry cargo.

Factofour: this name is a combination of Factotum and the fact that this is the 4th ship that has been purchased since the establishment of this company.

Since 1 January 2009 the Factofour transport containers on the Lower Rhine for Neska Container Line.


On the 1st of January 2018 Remco Pikaart took over the shares from his parents J.C. and J.J. Pikaart. Today he leads Shipping Factory with his team of 21 employees. The company is based in Papendrecht and the employees are divided over three shipcrews. Over the years, Remco has defined its goals and focused on market strategy, business economics and innovation within the sector. He has developed himself by taking part in various boards, panels and project teams. As an ambassador he represents the inland navigation sector at home and abroad. As an experienced progressive entrepreneur with an extraordinary network he sets his goals for a sector that connects the world of tomorrow.